Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm not a Blogger.... I'm not even a blo..

So, Yes, I do in fact have a blog as you can see, but I use the term very loosely. I read blogs, real blogs, from people who do it for a living and thank goodness I do not because I would be broke (haha too bad I already am).

So 2011 has already been quite a year for me. Lets start with the bad news first:

I am not super smart genius we all thought I was >Gasp< I know heartbreaking. It was for me when I realized it too.

I, Desiree, have to repeat a class. Awesome huh? My second semester Anatomy and Physiology class was quite a bit more difficult than I had planned. Not to mention having the crappiest instructor in the history of crappy instructors. Of course when someone isn't passing a class it's easy to blame the instructor so I will take partial-ish responsibility. I will not go into the hell I have been through with this instructor in this post, maybe another one, because it would take up the entire post. Since my semi-intention when I started this blog was to document my experiences as a nursing student, mother, etc. I feel it is deserving to discuss. I will be continuing the class all the way to the end, even though I know I wont pass, partially for financial aid reasons and in the words of Mr. Sheen, "defeat is not an option." (In case anyone isn't tired of hearing Charlie Sheen quotes)

My Microbiology class has been quite successful and doing well. It's very interesting and I find myself becoming a pseudo-germophobe. Oh, bacteria, how I respect thee.
I must mention that my Micro instructor is AWE-SOME. With her background and well rounded teaching style I am very surprised she is not teaching at the University level, but for my sake I am glad she isn't.

Moving on..

On January 17th I committed to getting back in shape and shedding the pounds I gained the last year or two. I have been quite successful and loving the results. Diet and exercise works... who knew? I've changed my eating habits and log every bit of food that touches my lips. I work out at home and invested in a gym membership. Although at first I felt a membership was a luxury I couldn't afford, I have found it very beneficial and have categorized it as a necessity. So much so that if I had to choose internet over gym membership, I might be checking my Facebook and blogs at school. So far it hasn't come down to that. I have lost 21 pounds so far and another 11 to go to reach my goal. My Fitness Pal has been my best friend and I strongly encourage anyone trying to loose weight/get in shape to use it. Plus it's free and has a iPhone/Android app which I heavily rely on.
Another motivating factor is I am training for the Tough Mudder in June in Beaver Creek. I have not official signed up yet, I'm saving my pennies (sign-up, lodging, painkillers, etc) and a recent unexpected trip set me back. I have committed myself to it though and hoping I can get in enough shape to survive, which is really my only goal... survival. I'm excited and a bit terrified.


Both are doing fabulous.
Ethan is wrapping up 1st grade and his favorite subject is recess, although he is also doing great academically. He's getting ready to cross-over from a Tiger scout to a Wolf and I am ready to cross over from a Den Leader to a non-Den Leader. I don't see that happening soon, but I hoping for someone to step up and take over. I like doing it, but with school right now I just don't have the time, money, energy to let it consume so much of my life, as I see many of the other den leaders have. It's certainly a bigger commitment than I had thought when I signed up, although I wasn't given a whole lot of information initially. I just couldn't tell Ethan no and he was so excited. I am hoping to get him into sports soon which is certainly more my speed, and he really wants to play soccer. He has taken up interest in the guitar, I even bought him one for Christmas. Nothing fancy, just a kid size learning guitar. So far he doesn't have the focus to learn, but likes playing around with it, which is good enough for me. 

Miss Maci is getting ready to turn 4 next week and we've been talking about putting her in a dance class soon. She is quite the performer and loves singing and dancing around the house. She is getting so smart and has recently learned to spell her name, I quote, "M-A-C- and a line with a dot." Cracks me up!

From our recent Royal Pic-a-nic in the back yard. I just realized the have my super eye squint when they smile. Haha!

Wholly guacamole it's late and I have written quite a long post.
Hope to post more often and keep all 2 of you who read this updated on school and training!