Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My 15 Minutes of Fame

The Star!
OK, OK, not really my 15 minutes of fame... more like our backyard's... more specifically our solar panels. They finally got the much deserved recognition they have been longing for.
Last week a producer from The Urban Conversion came by and asked if they could do some filming for their show in our back yard, using our solar panels as a back drop, and of course we said yes. So Saturday morning our back yard was host to producers, a camera man and the shows host, Rodman. When they arrived my mom had led them out back and then came rushing in freaking out, "They want to interview me!" She then followed up with the words I love to hear,"You have to fix me up!" You see, my mom is not a girly girl. She's worked in a predominately male field for so long, and she was too busy working and raising us kids to even bother with hair, make up and fashion. So of course I grab any chance to show everyone how beautiful she really is! We did a quick make over and went outside. They did their 30 second bit and then did the interview with mom, she was a bit nervous but did great. I stayed behind the camera where I belong.

The pictures weren't great, I was taking them with my phone and trying to make it look like I wasn't taking pictures.

I don't know when they will be airing any of it, but they said they would keep us updated. The show is still in the newborn stage and they are working on pitching to networks, so right now their home resides on YouTube and the World Wide Web.

I have to admit I was completely mortified at the way our yard looked. As unofficial grounds keeper it has been my job to keep our little over an acre lot looking, well, decent. I really love doing it. Nothing else is as relaxing as throwing on a tank and jeans (and sunscreen), grabbing a beer (or few), putting my headphones on and zoning out on yard work for a few hours in the Colorado sun. I was doing great this summer, even got over my fear of the scary weed whacker, until the end of August when my fall semester started and it has (among many other things) kept me very busy.

This was very exciting for my mom as she is quite "green." We have the solar panels and recycle just about every thing we can. I take more to recycle every week than the trash company picks up in a month. We have started construction of the worm home for our compost and have been shopping around for a chicken coop. Within the next year, because of our growing water bill, we are planning on having a rain catcher system installed. It is a lot of work to start up these projects, but the benefits certainly out weigh the initial cost/labor investment.

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