Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Acts of Irritation

I have a handful or so of pet peeves, but I feel strongly enough about one of them that I need to post about it. Now that the semester is over I have a few extra minutes a day to do such posting, so watch out, I may become the Postinator, Super Poster, Blogger McBloggerton or the lesser known Bloggy Round Pants.
(too lazy to post a cheesy graphic here)


I go to the grocery store a lot, much more than I would like to. Every time I get so annoyed by all the grocery carts (or buggies, whichever you prefer) scattered all over the parking lot. Now, I am just as lazy as the next guy, but come on people! Can you not walk the twenty extra feet to put the cart in its designated area so that I, and many other people, don't have to drive into the parking lot dodging carts? It's enough to have to dodge the people who think that they should walk right down the middle of the parking lot isle, or the other drivers who think the parking lot is Rocky Mountain Speedway. I will not forget to mention the parking spot stalkers, the ones who want to jam up everything while waiting for someone to load all of their groceries so that they can steal that perfect spot. If they are too lazy to park further, they too, are probably too lazy to put their buggies away as well. Now I'm not one to bitch without giving solutions, so here they are for all you lazy, I'm going to leave my buggy anywhere in the parking lot people:

1) I get it, I'm a parent too. If you're anything like me I load up the kids, then load up the groceries. I too feel uncomfortable leaving the little ones in the car while I return the buggy. Here's a thought, plan ahead, when you park make sure you park next to a buggy return location, that way it's right there... BAMN! Grocery cart returned.

2) I am not one to hate on those who are either disabled or injured, and the trip to return the cart just isn't within your reach. I know, you just wandered around the entire grocery store and your injured knee just cannot handle the extra 20 feet. I get it, I've been working out with Jillian Michaels and my sore legs are having a hard time just trying to sit on the toilet. So.... when the nice young man asks you if you would like help out to your car, take it. They will walk you out, help load your groceries AND take your cart. DONE!

3) If you're anything like me, when you get home you like to make as little trips back and forth to the car unloading your groceries. You try to load up as many bags on your arm and recruit the kiddos to help out as well. Why not take that same idea while you're on your way out of the store? If you have a few bags, load'em up on your arms, leave the buggy at the store and you don't even have to worry about returning the cart. VIOLA!

4) Now... if none of the above applies to you. You cannot find a spot close to the return area, you are not hurting and cannot bring yourself to ask for help, and/or have a months worth of groceries in your cart and have to wheel the buggy to your car. Here is my solution: Get over it! Take the extra 30 seconds to put the cart away. Most likely you were the aforementioned person who waited for the supreme spot and are super close to the store. I know what you're thinking, "but there isn't any return area close to my car" (awwww) that's because you are 10 feet away from the store and can return it to the area where you retrieved your cart!

Last week I had a very pleasing moment. I was walking with my buggy full of groceries out to my car and watched this lady take her cart and park it right behind my car! I almost had to laugh as she was looking around to see if anyone had noticed her moment of lazy/rudeness. So I hurried up to make sure I arrived before she pulled out of her spot. My first inclination was to take the cart and park it behind hers.. yeah... that'll show her! Instead, I took the cart and pushed it right by her window, looked at her and smiled, making sure she noticed me. I then continued to walk her buggy over to the gentleman who was in the parking lot retrieving stray carts. I looked over as she tried to hightail it out of there, obviously embarrassed by her act of rudeness. Proudly, I continued to unload my groceries and then I walked my buggy over to it's designated area. 


  1. Hey, I'm with you. Maybe it's because I've spent many a December evening pushing the FRWWs' (from Parker, I'll have you know) carts into a store. Not only because it was my job - but it was the RIGHT THING TO DO! If I went on, I would have to make my own post. Right on, Desiree, right on. (BTW, if you have to ask, a FRWW is a Fat Rich White Woman...)

  2. Thanks for supporting the cause Regan. I've never had a job pushing carts, but admire those who do. The extreme weather (anything above 80 or below 50 degrees... in my book) would be too much for me and I would not survive. Also thanks for clearing up the "FRWW." Just curious, how do you say that? F-R-W-W or F-R-double W?

  3. Interesting question. I have always referred to the FRWW as a F-R-W-W (phonetically eff-arr-double-you-double-you). However, would you actually save a syllable saying F-R-double W (eff-arr-double-double-you)? Indeed you would, eight syllables versus seven. Hmmm. I like it, but it will require some practice. I'm always about saying a syllable or a keystroke.

  4. oops, I meant 'saving' not 'saying'...

  5. Anonymous/PPYSM doesn't know what a buggy is. hahahahaha

  6. @Regan- While it may be quicker to type FRWW, it is quicker to say Fat Rich White Women. Which is five syllables verses the seven or eight. Much more fun to say F-R-W-W though.
    @Mike- Anonymous isn't exactly anonymous, but has been schooled on the "buggy." So much now that they have made it a point to work it into everyday conversation in an effort to make fun of me. What is PPYSM? In an effort to find out I Googled it, and all that I came up with is that it is another Reganism. His blog comes up second when you try to google "PPYSM." Awesome.