Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Name is Desiree and I Have a Wordrobe Problem....

Yeah, you heard me right....
and anyone who has seen my closet or has helped me move has probably wanted to stage an intervention.

Since I have been on break (a whole three weeks) I have wanted to do some serious overhaulin on my bedroom and closet. Last semester took quite a toll, and my bedroom and laundry situation was quite neglected.

My goal was to get my room, study area and wardrobe situation completely organized and in tip top shape before the fury of the summer semester and plans of spending A LOT of time outside in the yard or at the pool with kiddos. So in true Desiree fashion, with school starting in less than a week away, I thought I'd better get to it.

I started by busting out on the washing of the clothes... realizing that my dresser and closet were already pretty full that I needed to start clearing out some room if I had any plans of putting any of these clothes away! So out came the garbage bags.....

and one... one... one.. one...

... I had filled six of these bags! I loaded them all in the truck to be taken to be donated in the morning.

Man oh man do I feel so much better! I have been able to put away all of the clean clothes with a little room to spare! I am not finished with my quest but I sure made quite a dent! Since I have gotten back into shape and lost weight, the first few bags of clothes to go were things that no longer fit. No desire to fit back into those puppies! The rest were things I just no longer wear and had been holding onto for sentimental reasons or felt guilty about getting rid of (because they were gifts, expensive, etc.) Some of them were things I've had since high school! Although I am proud to say they fit, I am NOT proud to say I wore them! Haha!

The only area I wont be cleaning out is the shoes... come on people baby steps! I did that last year and got rid of a bucket full of shoes, and since I haven't made many shoe purchases in the last year I am probably safe.

Anyone else on a spring cleaning binge lately?

I encourage it, very liberating!

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