Sunday, August 15, 2010

Testing 1,2,3

So here goes.... my first official blog post.
Um... hi
Isn't this great.
Hmmm.. well I can't even promise that it'll get better since this is purely experimental.
Feel free to add supportive comments, or non-supportive... In reality I'll just be happy to have comments, no matter what content.
Super, glad we laid down the ground work. Important in any relationship.

I guess I should lay out a brief back story as to why I decided to do this.
First, I seem to have really interesting conversations with myself when a) I am doing yard work b) cleaning c) on my way to and from school. All of which during I think at one point or another "I should write this down," but never do since, well, I am too busy or too tired from being too busy, or just plain lazy. Probably more has to do with the fact that I don't have confidence in the fact that (although I think my thoughts, opinions, ramblings are completely relevant) anyone will be interested. Hence....
Secondly, I am on some sort of a.... what's the word? Quest-ish to try new things...ish. yeah... more on that later..maybe. I'm sure.
Third, just because I am between semesters in school and find myself with a few extra hours a day and feel the need to fill my time. I've already caught up with my new favorite show Boston Med. I've caught up on reading the last couple months worth of posts on The Cameronomicon. and seriously thought about doing laundry. Therefore now I am left with a plethora of time on my hands for the next week until Ethan (my son)and myself start school. Then it's back to studying, homework (Ethan's and mine) Boy scouts, field trips, cookie baking (haha, couldn't even say that with a straight face) cookie buying, Den Mothering, fundraising, uniform ironing, left shoe searching, popcorn selling, etc... all in all my very busy, yet pretty boring (and I like it that way) lifestyle.

So, wish me luck, as I hope to update as much as I can...which isn't saying much.


  1. and if anyone has a better name for this blog....feel free. I'm creative juices are running low and unfortunately quite costly at King Soopers these days.

  2. Welcome to the Cameroniconominicomoecom (sp?)blogosphere!

    If you are really asking for suggestions for your blog name. "Desiree's Time out" is cool if you really like it. Keep it up, if you feel it.

    I was thinking more along the lines of "Desiree's Little Helper." A tie to one of the best Stones' songs ever.

  3. Thanks rjizzunk, Reegzz, eh whatever... I kinda like Desiree's Little Helper... clever.

  4. Yes, welcome to the "Cameroniconominicomoecom (sp?)blogosphere" indeed! Sorry for the delay. But you're they're now! Great blog, btw. I'm enjoying it a lot, even if Regan is commenting.

    As far as the title goes, I think it's it's great. If I had to come up with other ideas, they'd be along the lines of "Des Sez" or something like that... I dunno...I'm tired